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The Berlin Security Conference is one of the largest European security and defence policy events.

For the first time the Berlin Security Conference / 19th Congress on European Security and Defence will be held digitally on 18 and 19 May 2021. The congress will be organised entirely as a web conference. The theme “Europe – a cohesive bond for strong power“ remains topical and the programme will be adapted. The Czech Republic is our partner country and will support the conference with numerous high-ranking speakers.

The Behörden Spiegel – the most important monthly newspaper for the Public Services in Germany – has been organising the Berlin Security Conference for 19 years now. It is supported by an Advisory Board composed of key international personalities. The President of the BSC in May 2021 is Dr Hans-Gert Pöttering, former President of the European Parliament, Representative for European Affairs of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

Berlin Security Conference at a glance:

  • International forum for security and defence
  • Gathering of political and military decision-makers
  • Participants from armed forces and security organisations
  • Keynote speeches by Ministers / State Secretaries, EU Commissioners and business leaders
  • Main programme with international political, military and business leaders
  • Panel sessions with international experts
  • Exhibition with leading systems solutions manufacturers
  • Media coverage by the print press, radio and television
  • Congress language: English

Famous Speakers

Over 100 distinguished speakers

Actual Topics

The Berlin Security Conference deals with European issues of security and defence

Panel Sessions

Various panels on interesting topics 15 panels with different topics


from European and non-European countries

The magazine for the first digital Berlin Security Conference / 19th Congress on European Security and Defence on 18/19 May 2021 is hereby available online as pdf-doc. It contains numerous interesting articles by prominent speakers of the congress, the programme, the short bio of all speakers and experts as well as profiles of the exhibitors and congress partners. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Topics 2021 General Issues European Security and Defence – Central and East European contribution, How to maintain a credible nuclear deterrence in and for Europe?, Relationship between NATO and the EU, Defence and Security after Brexit, Framework Nations Concept, CBRN Defence – Whole-of-Government Approach, China’s military ascent and its implication for the West, Implementation of gender policy in NATO and EU defence planning, OSCE – acting with comprehensive approach to Security security Security and Defence Enhancing European security through regional military cooperation, Joint and Combined Armed Forces, Personnel – recruitment and retention, Maritime security in the Baltic and the Black Sea, Standardization of Multinational Air Power, Covid-19 Lessons Learned, Cyber Security / Defence Technology, Research, Development and Procurement EU Defence Initiatives – challenges and answers, Synergy of Defence and Budget Plans, Interoperable networks for European Military Operations, Progress of digitalisation warfare in multidomain operations, Strategic Intelligence and Communications, European Future Combat Aircrafts, Air Defence for Multinational Formations, New and disruptive Technologies


The event is supported by an Advisory Board made up of distinguished international personalities. The members of this board are:

Trailer Berlin Security Conference

Slide Join our conference SAFE - EASY - INTERACTIVE The streaming platform for the main programme is provided by tv. All panels will be organised digitally exclusively via our platform ClickMeeting. The platform is EU data protection compliant, browser based and makes it easy for us to upload presentations if required.


The BSC has become a very successful annual tradition. By having a different partner each year we are able to focus on new subjects and involve a range of high-ranking speakers. The future of European Security and Defence and East European Partners as pillars of regional stability in Central Europe will be some of our topics.

  • BSC 2012: Russian Federation
  • BSC 2013: United Kingdom
  • BSC 2014: Turkey
  • BSC 2015: United States of America
  • BSC 2016: France
  • BSC 2017: Sweden
  • BSC 2018: The Netherlands
  • BSC 2019: Italy
  • Digital BSC 2021: Czech Republic


In addition to over 100 distinguished speakers including political, military, business and civil society leaders the conference draws an ever larger number of members of national parliaments and the European Parliament, as well representatives of the European institutions and NATO. Foreign and Defence Ministers, Ambassadors, Generals, Admirals and industry representatives see the conference as an invaluable forum for addressing a wide range of topics related to security and defence policy. Members of the armed forces, representing all ranks and a wide range of European countries and multinational staffs, as well as representatives of security organisations and industry, contribute to the lively exchange of views and hence to the success of the conference.