The Berlin Security Conference is one of the largest European security and defence policy events.

The congress and exhibition, held every autumn since 2001 in Berlin, draw participants from European and non-European countries, the European institutions, and NATO. The 23rd Berlin Security Conference will take place at the Vienna House Andel’s Berlin on 19-20 November 2024. The event is free of any government influence. It is not supported by public budgets and is therefore at liberty to take a neutral and objective stance. The many participants appreciate this independence.

Berlin Security Conference at a glance:

  • One of the largest events on European Security and Defence
  • International Forum for Members of Parliaments, politicians, and senior executives of the military, and security organizations and industry
  • War in Ukraine and its effects for EU, NATO,OSCE and UN, high relevance of new members Sweden and Finland for the defence in Northern and Central Europe, situation in the Middle East conflict and its impact on security
  • Exhibitions of international companies
  • Main programme with international political, military and business leaders
  • Panel sessions with international experts
  • Exhibition with leading systems solutions manufacturers
  • Media coverage by the print press, radio and television

Famous Speakers

About 140 High-level Speakers from politics, the military and the business community


In 13 panels, top-class specialists discuss current aspects of security and defence policy, military aspects and defence technology.


from European and non-European countries

Catering included

Coffee, lunch and dinner buffet throughout the conference

Speakers and Participants:

In addition to over 140 distinguished speakers including political, military, business and civil society leaders the conference draws an ever larger number of members of national parliaments and the European Parliament, as well representatives of the European institutions and NATO. Foreign and Defence Ministers, Ambassadors, Generals, Admirals and industry representatives see the conference as an invaluable forum for addressing a wide range of topics related to security and defence policy.


Vienna House by Wyndham Andel’s Berlin
Landsberger Allee 106, 10369 Berlin
Phone: 030 4530530

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Topics 2024 NATO’s 75th Anniversary - The new Members Sweden and Finland and the Northern Flank - The (future) role of the OSCE in Europe - Progress on Deterrence and Defence Planning - EU’s military level of Ambition - Defence Diplomacy - Assistance to the Ukraine - The Middle East General Issues security Security and Defence Blockchains in der Defence Procurement Sector - Interoperability of Armed Forces - The protection of critical infrastructure - Alternative energy concepts for platforms - Artificial intelligence in NATO and EU (chances and restrictions) - Climate change - Human Resources - Military cloud systems build-up Technology, Research, Development and Procurement Multi-Domain Operations - The domains (Air / Maritime / Land / Cyber / Space / Medical / Joint / Support and Enabling) - NDPP and CARD, how are they aligned - Hybrid Warfare


Defence Procurement Day

The topic of defense procurement has captured the public eye lately. With Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and the persistent conflicts in the Middle East and Sudan, the need for military capabilities is obvious. This development has been correctly identified by governments. Funding for military projects in Europe is at a peak. However, the…

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BS/DoD/Joseph Clark

More capacity for humanitarian aid

A temporary quay is to be built on the coast. Servicemen and women from Naval Beach Group 1 are responsible for the construction of a large floating dock. This so-called roll-on roll-off unloading facility is part of the Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore (JLOTS) programme. JLOTS is under the direction of the Army’s 7th Transportation Brigade. The…

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Peter Jülich

Faeser reorganises her ministry

In a letter to her staff, Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) announces the replacement of key positions in her ministry. Her “targeted personnel changes” affect the head of the CI department, Andreas Könen, and the head of the DG department, Pia Karger. Friederike Dahns, the previous head of the DV II sub-division,…

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REEQ acquired

Rheinmetall’s Dutch subsidiary Rheinmetall Defence Nederland B.V. has acquired 100 percent of the start-up REEQ. The company is also based in the Netherlands and specialises in the production of light tactical vehicles with electronic propulsion. REEQ’s vehicle portfolio currently consists of an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), a side-by-side buggy and a quad bike. All vehicle…

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Deterrence and Defence in the Central Region | Military Forum Berlin Security Conference 2023

Admiral Rob Bauer Keynote Speech and Q&A at Berlin Security Conference 2023

Boris Pistorius and Kajsa Ollongren Opening Berlin Security Conference 2023


The event is supported by an Advisory Board made up of distinguished international personalities. The members of this board are:


For some years now nations have been invited to become partners of the Berlin Security Conference. In 2013, United Kingdom was the first partner country, followed by Türkiye, the United States of America, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, international agencies at EU and NATO level the Kingdom of Norway and in 2023 the Netherlands again were partner of the BSC. They contribute to the programme, participate with high-ranking delegations and organise the preevent Reception in their embassies. Our conference partners from industry and business had accompanied the new format with specified contributions and an exhibition.



European Security and Defence

The Berlin Security Conference is a forum aimed at promoting the Common Security and Defence Policy. It focuses on issues concerning the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council as well as national parliaments and ministries. The emphasis is on proposing and discussing concrete solutions aimed at improving European and transatlantic political, operational and tactical cooperation. The goal is to develop ways to mitigate the frictions caused by insufficient capabilities, inadequate standardisation, the lack of interoperability, differences in the levels of support and national restrictions. Members of EU, NATO and OSCE contribute to the programme and participate in the Berlin Security Conferences.

New European and transatlantic security order

The 22nd Berlin Security Conference was again a major get-together among high-level international politicians, military decision-makers and senior representatives of business and industry in Germany while the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in contravention of international law continued. In addition, the brutal Hamas attack and the consequences had to be discussed. More than ever, the lines of action pointed torwards the establishment of a new European and transatlantic security order- including looking at the Indo-Pacific areas and Challenges. These topics will thefore be a central focus of the future conferences.


The Berlin Security Conference deals with European issues of security and defence, but looks also beyond Europe’s borders. Afghanistan has been the focus many times and beside the Eastern Flank, the Middle East and Africa (Southern Flank) and the Indopacific-Challenge are areas of major concern requiring continuous attention. Neighbourhood policy is a decisive issue of security and defence.