Please take note of the programme for the BSC 2017.

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Status of release: 29 November 2017. The programme will be updated weekly.

Main Programme

Tuesday, 28 Nov 2017

08.00 Opening of the Exhibition / Registration

08.45 Welcome to the Congress, R. Uwe Proll, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Behörden Spiegel & Ambassador Jirí Sedivy, Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to NATO, former Minister of Defence, Congress President BSC 2015–2017

09.00 Opening of the Conference

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Peter Hultqvist, Minister for Defence of Sweden
  • Sven Mikser, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Estonia (Estonia, holding the Presidency of the European Union 2/2017)

10.00 Flexible Satellite Communications for peace keeping and peace enforcing Forces, Karim Michel Sabbagh, President & CEO, SES

10.20 Stability in unstable times – the EU as a strategic foreign policy actor, Helga Maria Schmid, Secretary General, European External Action Service (EEAS)

10.40 Europe facing Cyber War, José Sancho García, Chairman, Panda Security SL

11.00 Coffee Break

11.30 High-Level Debate: A changing world order – Europe’s role and responsibilities

Chair: Prof Ioan Mircea Pascu MEP, Vice-President of the European Parliament, former Defence Minister of Romania

  • Bettina Cadenbach, Director for Security Policy, Federal Foreign Office, Federal Republic of Germany
  • Arnaud Danjean MEP, Head French Strategic Review Committee, former Chair Subcommittee on Security and Defence (SEDE) of the European Parliament
  • Rachel Ellehuus, Principal Director for European and NATO Policy, US Office of the Secretary of Defense (Policy)
  • Jean-Dominique Giuliani, Chairman of the Robert Schuman Foundation
  • Petra Larke, Deputy Head of European Security Policy Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden
  • Kirill Logvinov, Head NATO Division, Department for European Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation
  • Ambassador Sarah MacIntosh CMG, Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to NATO

13.00 Luncheon / Buffet

14.30 Panel Session > Panels A1 – A7

16.00 Coffee Break

16.30 Shockwaves in the digitalization age and their impact on defence & Security, Udo F. Littke, Managing Director and SVP Business & Platform Solutions, Atos Germany

16.50 The implementation of the EU Global Strategy – new common capabilities as a major goal, General Mikhail Kostarakos, Chairman of the European Union Military Committee

17.10 Defence Technology for a changing world, Håkan Buskhe, President and CEO, Saab AB

17:30 The Strategic Foresight Analysis (SFA) 2017 Report – opportunities and challenges of a complex future”, General Denis Mercier, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, NATO

18.00 FUTURE FORCES FORUM: The Bundeswehr as an ally and partner – enhanced capabilities to meet new operational requirements

Chair: Wolfgang Hellmich MP, Chair Defence Committee, German Bundestag

  • Thomas Gottschild, Managing Director, MBDA Deutschland
  • Vice Admiral Andreas Krause, Chief of German Navy
  • Lieutenant General Ludwig Leinhos, Chief of German CID Service
  • Lieutenant General Karl Müllner, Chief of German Air Force
  • Lieutenant General Martin Schelleis, Chief of German Joint Support Service
  • Lieutenant General (MC) Dr Michael Tempel, Chief of German Joint Medical Service
  • Lieutenant General Jörg Vollmer, Chief of German Army

19.30 CiDAN Ceremony, European Award for Citizenship, Security and Defence

20.00 Buffet / Networking

21.30 End of the first day

Main Programme

Wednesday, 29 Nov 2017

08.00 Opening of the Exhibition

08.30 Welcome to the 2nd Conference Day

08.35 Opening of the 2nd Conference Day, Michel Barnier, Chief Negotiator, Head of Task Force under Article 50 TEU with UK, former Adviser of President Juncker on Security and Defence

09.00 Missile Defense of Europe – Layered Capabilities thru Collaboration, William Blair, Vice President, Business Development, Air & Missile Defense, Raytheon Missile Systems

09.20 HIGH-LEVEL INTERVIEW: The EU Global Strategy – Europe has to do more for security and defence!

  • Werner Sonne, former German TV Correspondent, speaking with
    • Wolfgang Hellmich MP, Chair Defence Committee, German Bundestag
    • Roderich Kiesewetter, Member of the German Bundestag and Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs

09.50 The Baltic States – reliable partners for security and defence in NATO and EU, Janis Garisons, State Secretary, Ministry of Defense, Latvia

10.00 Coffee Break

10.45 Priorities in European Security and Defence – being Transatlantic and European, Dr Géza Andreas von Geyr, Director General for Security and Defence Policy, German Federal Ministry of Defence

11.10 Building stronger Defense & Security – transformation in the cognitive era, Leendert van Bochoven, Global Lead for National Security and NATO, Member of the IBM Industry Academy, IBM Global Government

11.30 change room for Panel Session

11.45 Panel Session > Panel B1 – B6

13.15 Luncheon / Buffet

14.30 Security Situation in the Baltic Sea Region, Lieutenant General Dr Dennis Gyllensporre, Chief of Defence Staff, Swedish Armed Forces

14.50 Security in a highly connected world – Digitization as a driver for prosperity and safety, Oliver Tuszik, Vice President Europe, Cisco

15.10 High-Level Military Forum: How to maintain stability of the Northern Flank of Europe – a military perspective

Chair: Ambassador Jirí Šedivý, Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to NATO, Former Minister of Defence

  • Lieutenant General Jan Broeks, Director General International Military Staff, NATO HQ
  • Major General Karl Engelbrektson, Chief of Swedish Army
  • Commodore Hans Helseth, Special Advisor, NATO Joint Warfare Centre, Norway
  • Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, Commanding General USAREUR
  • Lieutenant General Timo Kivinen, Chief of Defence Command, Finland
  • Vice Admiral Joachim Rühle, Vice Chief of Defence, German Federal Ministry of Defence

16.40 Closing Remarks, Ambassador Ji rí Sedivy, President of the Berlin Security Conference 2015–2017

17.00 End of the Congress

Chairman BSC 2017: Brigadier General (ret) Reimar Scherz, Behörden Spiegel