Tuesday, 26 Nov 2019

08.00 Opening of the Exhibition / Registration

08.45 Welcome to the Congress

Uwe Proll, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Behörden Spiegel


Dr Hans-Gert Pöttering, former President of the European Parliament, Representative for European Affairs of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Congress President BSC 2019

The European Anthem followed by two Keynote Speeches

  • Lorenzo Guerini, Minister of Defence, Italy
  • Miroslav Lajcák, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, 2019 OSCE Chairperson-in-Office

10.00 Keynote Industry

Alessandro Profumo, CEO Leonardo
10.20 Coffee Break

10.50 Cooperation, complex Requirements and new Challenges

Pasquale di Bartolomeo, Executive Group Director Sales & Business Development and Managing Director MBDA Ita

11.10 Keynote Speech

Ine Marie Eriksen Søreide, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Norway


European Security and Regional Stability – how to maintain coherence in times of epochal transition?

Chair: Niels Annen MP, Minister of State, German Federal Foreign Office

  • Carmine America, Special Advisor to the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs for Security and Defen
  • General (ret) Philip M. Breedlove, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe and the Commander of U.S. European Command
  • Alexander Grushko, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation
  • Alice Guitton, Director General for International Relations and Strategy, Ministry of the Armed Forces, France
  • Dr John Manza, Assistant Secretary General for Operations, NATO Headquarters
  • Ambassador Ron Prosor, Head of the Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, Israel
  • Dr Norbert Röttgen MP, Chairman Committee on Foreign Affairs, German Bundestag

13.00 Luncheon / Buffet

14.30 Panel Session > Panels A1 – A8

16.00 Coffee Break

16.30 Resolving digital dilemmas in uncertain times – key takeaways for military leaders

Udo F. Littke, Managing Director & COO, Atos Germany

16.50 Current Challenges demand EU and NATO to contribute jointly to our Security

General Eberhard Zorn, Chief of Defence, Federal Ministry of Defence, Germany

17.10 Implementing effectively the EU Global Strategy - the military perspective

General Claudio Graziano, Chairman of the European Union Military Committee

17.30 Keynote Speech

General Enzo Vecciarelli, Chief of Defence, Italy


The Mediterranean Sea and North Africa – striving for regional stability to enhance European Security

Chair: Ambassador Jirí Sedivy, former Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to NATO

19.20 CIDAN/ESDA Ceremony

European Award for Citizenship, Security and Defence
20.00 Buffet / Networking
21.30 End of the first day
Wednesday, 27 Nov 2019

08.00 Opening of the Exhibition

08.30 Welcome to the 2nd Conference Day


ACT as the NATO Warfare Development Command
General Paolo Ruggiero, ITA A, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, Norfolk, VA

09.00 Keynote Industry

  • James E. (Jim) Monroe, Vice President for Raytheon International, Inc.
  • Susanne Wiegand, President, Rheinmetall, Electronic Solutions


UN Security Council Resolution 1325 – Women, Peace and Security

  • Prof Ioan Mircea Pascu, former MEP, former Vice-President of the European Parliament speaking with
  • Dr Veronika Bock, Director of the centre of the ethical education in the armed forces (zebis), Germany
  • Elisabeth Braw, Director, Modern Deterrence, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), United Kingdom
  • Dr Nicoletta Pirozzi, Head of the EU, politics and institutions programme, Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) and Vice President of Women in International Security (WIIS) – Rome Chapter
  • Dr Judit Varga, Minister of Justice and Minister of European Affairs, Hungary

10.00 Keynote Industry

Dr Thomas Kauffmann, Vice President & Managing Director GDELS-Deutschland

10.20 Quo Vadis EU Defence: a power to be reconciled?

Ilkka Kanerva MP, Chair of the Defence Committee, Parliament of Finland
10.40 Coffee Break

11.00 Procurement and Innovation in uncertain times

Vice Admiral Dario Giacomin, Deputy Secretary General of Defence and National Armaments Director, Italy

11.20 Digital Geopolitics – a vision for a European defence model

Enzo Benigni, President & CEO Elettronica
11.40 Change room for Panel Session

11.45 Panel Session > Panel B1 – B7

13.15 Buffet / Lunch Discussion

14.30 Keynote Speech

Angus Lapsley, Director General Strategy and International UK Ministry of Defence

14.50 Training System Integrator - enhanced safety, efficiency and readiness

Marc-Olivier Sabourin, VP and General Manager Global Defence and Security, CAE

15.10 Keynote Industry

Ambassador Giampiero Massolo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fincantieri SpA


The European Defence Architecture – challenges and vulnerabilities versus innovation

Chair: Dr Peter Tauber MP, Parliamentary State Secretary, German Federal Ministry of Defence


Dr Hans-Gert Pöttering, Congress President of the BSC 2019
17.15 End of the Congress
26 November 2019
14.30 - 16.00 Panels A1 – A8

Panel A1 - PESCO – a major step of the EU Defence Strategy

Chair: Martin Konertz, Director Capability, Armament and Technology, EDA

Introduction: Peter Heilmeier, Director Sales ans Businedd Development Germany, MBDA

  • Lucio Demichele, Directorate General for Political and Security Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Italy
  • Peter Obermark, Special Representative of the Management Board, Rheinmetall AG
  • Natalia Pouzyreff MP, Secretary of the Defence Committee in the French National Assembly
  • Dr Benedikta von Seherr-Thoß, Branch Chief EU /CSDP, Federal Ministry of Defence, Germany
  • Dr Jan Wille, Partner, PwC Strategy& (Germany) GmbH

Panel A2 - Regional Cooperation in the Mediterranean Area – multilateral initiatives to build resilience and enhance security

Chair: Lieutenant General Roberto Perretti, Commander NATO Rapid Deployable Corps (NRDC-ITA)

Introduction: Giampaolo Giraudi, Institutional Relations and Marketing Director, IVECO Defence Vehicles

  • Andrea Avoli, Vice President Marketing NATO & EU, Electronics Division, Leonardo
  • Brigadier General Giovanni Pietro Barbano, Director Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units (COESPU), Italy
  • Major General Alberto Biavati, Chief of Staff Italian Air Force Operational Forces Command, former President of 5+5 initiative
  • Rear Admiral Luca Conti, Deputy Capability Director, Defence General Staff, Italy
  • Dr John Manza, Assistant Secretary General for Operations, NATO Headquarters
  • Ross Riddell, Advisor Multinational Cooperation Defence Planning Integration Strategic, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation

Panel A3 - Military Mobility – Combined Joint Support and Enabling in Europe for larger formations

Chair: Lieutenant General Martin Schelleis, Chief of the German Joint Support and Enabling Service

Introduction: Alexander von Erdmannsdorff, Vice President Government Business, Member of the Board, RUAG Deutschland GmbH & Alex Walford, Lockheed Martin, Country Director Germany

Panel A4 - NATO / EU Initiatives to improve capabilities for medical operations

Chair: Major General (MC) Dr Stephan Schoeps, Deputy Surgeon General of the Bundeswehr Joint Medical Service

Introduction: Niels Kröning, General Manager CAE Elektronik GmbH

Panel A5 - European Naval Cooperation – prerequisite for (collective) maritime security in the Mediterranean and Black Sea

Co-Chairs: Vice Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, Chief of Italian Navy & Vice Admiral Andreas Krause, Chief of German Navy

Introduction: Dr Rolf Wirtz, Chief Executive Officer, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH

  • Dr Marcello Mariucci, Managing Director, Elettronica GmbH
  • Rear Admiral Vincenzo Montanaro, Director Plans and Maritime Policy, General Staff Italian Navy
  • Rear Admiral Ulrich Reineke, Director Plans & Concept, International Cooperation, German Naval Command
  • Alex Saklambanakis, Europe Execvutive, Raytheon Missiles System

Panel A6 - Digitization versus Cyber Threats – multidomain operations as part of digital warfare

Chair: Lieutenant General Ludwig Leinhos, Chief of German CID Service

Introduction: Andreas Schiel, Head of Business Unit Command & Control Systems, ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik GmbH

  • Brigadier General Giorgio Cipolloni, Commander of the Joint Operational Command (JOCC), Italy
  • Tobias Dames, Senior IT-Security Consultant, Bechtle
  • Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, Director of the European Union Satellite Centre (SatCen)
  • Brigadier General (sel) Frank Pieper, Chief Digital Officer German Army
  • Dr Volker Strecke, Senior Business Development Manager, Arrow ESC AG

Panel A7 - Terrorism – the future of countering the global threat

Chair: Nils Wörmer, Head of Departement Foreign, Security and European Affairs, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftun

Introduction: Joel Bollö, CEO Micro Systemation (MSAB)

  • Dr Gerhard Conrad, former Director of the EU Intelligence and Situation Centre, EEAS
  • Patrizio Fondi, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Italy
  • Prof Seth G. Jones, Director of the Transnational Threats Project, Senior Advisor to the International Security Programme at the CSIS
  • Dr Sebastian Olbrich, Principal Insights-Driven Enterprise, Capgemini Germany
  • Lieutenant General (ret) Dr Klaus Olshausen, former German Military Representative MC / NATO and MC / EU
  • Dr Hans-Jacob Schindler, Senior Directorat Counter Extremism Project

Panel A8 - Revolution in Mobile Military Operations – new technologies for command and control

Chair: Major General Dr Michael Heinz Färber, Commanding General of the Information Technology Command Bundeswehr

Introduction: Stefan Hefter, Partner Global Business Services, IBM Deutschland

27 November 2019
11.45 - 13.15 Panels B1 – B7

Panel B1 - Arms Control – how to prevent a new arms race in Europe?

Chair and Introduction: Ambassador Susanne Baumann, Federal Government Commissioner for Disarmament and Arms Control, Director-General for International Order, the United Nations and Arms Control, German Federal Foreign Office

  • Jacek Bylica, EEAS Special Envoy for Non-proliferation and Disarmament
  • Janis Garisons, State Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Latvia
  • Dr Ernst-Christoph Meier, Head of Division Arms Control, Non-Proliferation, OSCE, Federal Ministry of Defence
  • Prof Dr Krzysztof Miszczak, Warsaw School of Economics, Institute of International Studies, Poland
  • Colonel (ret) Wolfgang Richter, Associate International and Security Affairs (SWP)
  • NN, Department of Non-Proliferation and Arms Control, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation

Panel B2 - NATO Strategic Direction South – the Hub

Chair and Introduction: Lieutenant General Antonio Vittiglio, Chief of Staff Allied Joint Forces Command Naples

  • Colonel JD Donelson, Director Multi-National Cooperation Center and Director of Strategic Outreach, United States Africa Command
  • Colonel (GS) Jörg Dronia, Branch Chief DEU Enable and Enhance Initiative, Federal Ministry of Defence, Germany
  • Colonel (ret) Christophe “Taraz” Fontaine, GA-ASI Europe Regional Director, International Strategic Development, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.
  • Colonel Mario Nicola Greco, NATO IS Strategic Analysis Capability
  • Ambassador Giampiero Massolo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fincantieri SpA
  • Bigadier General David Re, Director of NATO Strategic Direction South Hub
  • NN, Fincantieri

Panel B3 - Capability Development – how to harmonize the efforts in the EU, in NATO and in the Nations?

Chair: Lieutenant General Christian Badia, Director-General for Planning, Federal Ministry of Defence, Germany

Introduction: Michael Brückner, BEITEN BURKHARDT, Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft GmbH

Panel B4 - Multinational Air Power – how to increase operational readiness to counter international threats?

Co-Chairs: Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz, Chief of German Air Force & Lieutenant General Alberto Rosso, Chief of Italian Air Force

Introduction: Giovanni Soccodato, Chief Strategy Officer, Leonardo

Panel B5 - Joint and Combined Armed Forces / Multinational Formations in a 360° approach – what is the main effort?

Co-Chairs: Lieutenant General Salvatore Farina, Chief of Italian Army & Lieutenant General Jörg Vollmer, Chief of German Army

Introduction: Christoph Müller, Senior Vice President, Head of Program Management Organization Germany, Rheinmetall AG

Panel B6 - Conflict Scenarios of the Future – the impact of digitization

Chair: Lieutenant General Ludwig Leinhos, Chief of German CID Service

Introduction: Marcel Taubert, Head of Division Defence, secunet Security Networks AG

Panel B7 - Airborne Security in the Mediterranean Area – Israeli technical solutions

Chair and Indroduction: Amira Ilany, Director Europe & North America Division SIBAT, Ministry of Defence, Israel

  • Ilan Freedman, Vice President Kineti
  • Alon Svirsky, CEO copterPix Ltd.

  • Co-Chairman BSC 2019: Brigadier General (ret) Reimar Scherz
  • Co-Chairman BSC 2019: Major General (ret) Reinhard Wolski
  • Coordinator BSC 2019: Colonel (ret) Hubertus von Rohr