Panel A1 – PESCO – a major step ahead for Europe’s Security!?

Chair and introduction: Radu G. Magdin, Vice President Strategikon, Bucharest

  • Tom Holter, Director International Security Policy, Ministry of Defence, Norway
  • Marcin Kazmierski, Director International Security Policy Department, Ministry of National Defence, Poland
  • Brigadier General (MC) Bruno Most, Director Multinational Medical Coordination Centre
  • Ran Naor, CEO Ortech Defence Systems Ltd.
  • Ruthy Reinders, EU Affairs Coordinator, Directorate of International Affairs and Operations, Principal Directorate of Policy,
    Ministry of Defence, The Netherlands
  • Brigadier General Stefan Schulz, Director for Security and Defence Policy, German Federal Ministry of Defence
  • Prof Dr Sergiu Nicolae Vintilǎ, Political Advisor, European Parliament

Panel A2 – Military Mobility, Joint Support – cross border solutions for force projection

Chair: Lieutenant General Martin Schelleis, Chief of German Joint Support Service
Introduction: Dr Thomas Kauffmann, Vice President International, Business & Services General Dynamics, European Land Systems and Managing Director, GDELS-Deutschland

Panel A3 – Cyber Security Architecture – a national, European and international challenge

Chair: Arne Schönbohm, President German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
Introduction: Jan Lindner, Vice President Northern Continental Europe, Panda Security

Panel A4 – The future of integrated Forces – from enhanced Forward Battlegroups to a Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) and beyond

Co-Chairs: Lieutenant General Leo Beulen, Commander of the Royal Netherlands Army, Lieutenant General Jörg Vollmer, Chief of German Army
Introduction: Jan-Patrick Helmsen, Head of Programme Organisation German Market, Rheinmetall AG

Panel A5 – Enhancing Multinational Air Power – how to improve operational availability and readiness?

Chair: Lieutenant General (ret) Klaus-Peter Stieglitz, former Chief of German Air Force
Introduction: Kurt Rossner, Head of Combat A/C Systems, Airbus

Panel A6 – Digitization – Challenges of future multinational joint and combined operations

Chair: Major General Reinhard Wolski, Commanding General of German Army Concepts and Capabilities Development Center
Introduction: Terry Halvorsen, Chief Information Officer / EVP, IT & Mobile Communication, Samsung Electronics

Panel A7 – Defence Capabilities – Common Security and Defence Policy’s credibility

Chair: Rear Admiral Thomas E.P. Jugel, Director General Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning
Introduction: Gert Nutzel, Chief Scientist Officer, Photonis

Panel B1 – Resilience – how to cope with future multilevel threats?

Chair: Ambassador Jiří Šedivý, Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to NATO
Introduction: Mikael Falkoven, Vice President Sales, MSAB

  • Mark Ashwell, Director of Strategy for L3 United Kingdom
  • Jãnis Garisons, State Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Latvia
  • Dietmar Hilke, Director Cybersecurity Public & Defence, Cisco Germany
  • Ørjan Nordhus Karlsson, Specialist Director, Directorate for Civil Protection, Norway
  • HP Schreinemachers, Director Analysis and Strategy NCTV, Ministry of Justice and Security, the Netherlands
  • Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer, Director of Institut de Recherche Stratégique de l’Ecole Militaire, French Ministry for Armed Forces
  • NN, Cisco

Panel B2 – Human Resources – backbone of armed forces

Chair: Lieutenant General (ret) Dr Klaus Olshausen, former German Military Representative MC/NATO and MC/EU
Introduction: Rear Admiral Peter Reesink, Director Principal, Directorate of Personnel, Ministry of Defence, the Netherlands

Panel B3 – Cyber Operations – a legal and technological challenge

Chair: Lieutenant General Ludwig Leinhos, Chief of German CID Service
Introduction: Marcel Taubert, Head of Division Defence at secunet Security networks AG

Panel B4 – European Naval Cooperation – how to shape European Navies for tomorrow?

Chair: Vice Admiral Andreas Krause, Chief of German Navy
Introduction: Hein van Ameijden, Managing Director, Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding

Panel B5 – Digitization of land-based operations

Chair: Brigadier General Michael Hauschild, Director Information Technology, Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment,
Information Technology and In-Service-Support (BAAINBw)

Introduction: Oliver Dörre, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Thales Deutschland

Panel B6 – Ballistic Missile Defence – how to integrate European capabilities?

Chair: Air Marshal (ret) Sir Christopher Nigel Harper, KBE, former Director General, NATO International Military Staff
Introduction: Joseph DeAntona, Vice President & Business Development Executive, Integrated Air and Missile Defense, Raytheon Company

Panel B7 – National Military Procurement – a major challenge for any EU/NATO Nation

Chair: Dr Hans C. Atzpodien, Managing Director, Federation of German Security and Defence Industries (BDSV)
Introduction: Stephan Rechten, BEITEN BURKHARDT Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft GmbH

  • Peter Dohmen, General Manager NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA)
  • Dr Jörg Hennemann, Marketing Police, Military & Sport, Schmidt & Bender
  • Richard Keulen, Director Naval Sales, Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding
  • Matthias Mantey, Branch Chief, Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service-Support (BAAINBw)
  • Ron Nulkes, Director NIDV (The Netherlands Industries for Defence and Security)